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Recipes and ideas for easy and quick breakfasts

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Starting the day with a good breakfast shouldn't be a cause for stress. On mornings when every minute counts, or where we just want to keep things simple, it's crucial to have breakfast options that are not only nutritious but also quick to prepare.

We are sharing simple and delicious breakfast ideas and recipes that will satisfy the taste buds of the entire family, without requiring too much time in the kitchen.

1. Nutritious smoothie recipes

Smoothies are an excellent option for those often in a hurry in the morning. They are quick to make and can be very nourishing if you choose the right ingredients. Simply blend fresh or frozen fruits with some milk or a milk substitute, a spoonful of chia seeds for fibre and omega-3, and a protein source like Greek yogurt. Here are some inspiring recipes:

2. Gourmet toast recipes

There’s a reason toasts are making such a comeback! They are delicious, so versatile and can be very nutritious given the right ingredients. So skip the Cheez Whiz! Istead, mash avocado with a dash of lemon juice, salt, and pepper for a nutrient-rich base. For added protein, top it with an egg or a few slices of smoked salmon. If you have a sweet tooth, spread your toast with almond butter and banana slices for an energy-rich meal. Explore these delicious options:

3. Complete oatmeal bowl recipes

Oatmeal doesn’t have to be boring! It is a fantastic base for a nourishing breakfast and can be prepared in minutes in the microwave. Add some honey or maple syrup, a few dried or fresh fruits, a handful of nuts, and a protein source (ex.: Greek yogourt, protein milk, or protein powder) for a complete meal. You can also prepare your oatmeal the night before for even more simplicity in the morning. Here are some recipe ideas:

4. Quick omelette recipes

Eggs… there’s a reason they’re a classic! For a protein-rich breakfast that's quick to prepare, try omelettes in a cup. Simply whisk a few eggs with some milk, add your favourite ingredients like diced peppers, chopped spinach, grated cheese, or ham pieces, and microwave for 1-2 minutes. It's healthy, quick, and customizable to your taste. For a variation, try these delicious recipes:

5. Breakfast wrap recipes

Wraps are perfect for a breakfast on the go and - added bonus - kids love them! Use a whole wheat tortilla, fill it with cream cheese, slices of turkey or chicken, add some lettuce or tomato slices, and roll it up. For a sweet tooth, spread some almond butter, add strawberries and banana slices with a drizzle of honey! You can prepare them the day before and take them with you without any fuss. Check out these handy recipes:

6. Homemade bakery good recipes

Preparing breakfast options in advance can really lighten your mornings. These bakery recipes, perfect for being made ahead and frozen, allow you to enjoy a delicious and nourishing breakfast with minimal effort in the morning:

Kicking off the morning on the right foot

With these ideas for quick and easy breakfasts, busy mornings (and picky eaters) will never be a problem again. Not only are these options quick to prepare, but they will also help you maintain a balanced and energetic diet throughout the day.

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