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The Bonjour-santé membership: your one-stop-shop for all your health needs!

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At Bonjour-santé, we know how important it is to have quick and easy access to the healthcare you need, when you need it. And we know how vital it is to be able to access all that care in one place.

That's what the Bonjour-santé membership is all about! A unique and comprehensive all-in-one destination that offers its members an impressive inventory of exclusive services to meet all their health needs.

What does the Bonjour-santé membership offer?

  • Unlimited search

Bonjour-santé offers unlimited online appointment search 24/7, whether you're looking for an appointment with your family doctor, with a specialist, or an urgent walk-in appointment within 36 hours.

  • A revolutionary service that searches for appointments for you! 

Exclusive to Bonjour-santé! If a member can't find an appointment with their family doctor or a walk-in appointment at a clinic in their area when they search online, we'll take over! Bonjour-santé will continue to search for a set period of time. As soon as we find an appointment that meets the patient's criteria, we notify them. No more having to search again and again throughout the day to find an appointment.


Bonjour-santé is much more than an appointment search service! Through our teams of health professionals and partners, the Bonjour-santé membership offers a wide range of complementary health services, and new ones are being added all the time!

  • Health advice services
  • General and mental health: Unlimited e-consults with Bonjour-santé nurses for information and advice relating to physical health and wellness. 
  • Nutrition: Chat service to get nutritional advice from Bonjour-santé nutritionists and complete comprehensive evaluation and follow-up services with nutritionists from our partner Équipe Nutrition.
  • Services with pharmacists
  • Prescription extensions: If you do not have access to a pharmacist, we have a solution. Our partner Medzy | Pharmacie Sonia Boutin inc.* offers you free telephone consultations with a pharmacist in as little as 24 hours. The pharmacist will review your medication with you, answer your questions and extend your prescriptions if necessary. After the initial consultation, the pharmacist will monitor your drug treatment on a regular basis.
  • Online evaluation and prescription: Get a prescription online and have it delivered to your home for free! Pharmacists from our partner Medzy | Pharmacie Sonia Boutin inc.* can evaluate the following conditions and send you a prescription, if needed, without you having to leave home: urinary tract infection, female contraception, minor acne, eczema, vaginitis and herpes labialis.
  • Consultations and tests
  • Assistance for specialised tests: If you need to see a specialist, undergo specialised tests or other, our team of liaison nurses is there to assist you with your follow-up care. We'll help you find the appointments you need.
  • Paediatric appointments: Does your child under the age of 17 need to see a doctor quickly? We offer you access to several available appointments in paediatric clinics. This service is intended for emergency appointments; no follow-up is provided.
  • Physiotherapy in telerehabilitation: Through our partner Physiothérapie Universelle, you have access to a telerehabilitation service without ever leaving home. Your membership includes one free initial virtual consultation.
  • Paid complementary services 

Through our partner Praxis, you have access to a range of complementary health services at an exclusive discount as a Bonjour-santé member.

  • Medical consultation with a specialized nurse practitioner
  • Psychological health consultation with a specialized nurse practitioner
  • Consultation with a social worker
  • Various prescriptions ( STIs, PreP, etc.)

Several new services are in the pipeline for the coming weeks and months. Stay tuned for more! 

Members simply need to log in to their Bonjour-santé account to access all the services. 

Membership is available in an individual plan or a family plan that can include up to 6 members. Make Bonjour-santé your all-in-one health portal by joining today.

discount on an evaluation by a dietitian-nutritionist
Need nutritional counselling, support or plan? Book an appointment with our ÉquipeNutrition partner in just a few clicks. E-consult or in person.

Paid service, 25% discount on the evaluation.
Ask questions to our dietitians-nutritionists - FREE for members
This service is ideal for members who have quick questions or need general advice that do not require a nutritional evaluation, counselling or follow-up.

Questions are answered within 72 h.
Bonjour-Santé services

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